What are the best and most effective steroids for drying

To correctly select steroids for drying, it is necessary to understand the very concept of “drying”. Many fitness enthusiasts believe this process is similar to simple weight loss. However, in practice this is not the case. To get rid of excess fat, people just need to change their diet, lowering its caloric value just below the basal metabolic rate. Due to the lack of energy, the body will have ...Read more

What are steroids: description, application, effect on the body

Steroids are chemicals that accelerate protein synthesis in the body, leading to increased muscle fiber growth. This feature of steroid drugs could not be ignored by athletes, especially those whose results directly depend on muscle mass. It is no secret that all bodybuilders participating in major competitions take legal steroids, that is, those that are not officially banned, and are not ...Read more

The safest steroid

Steroids are drugs based on testosterone or its derivatives. They have two types of activity: anabolic - promotes muscle growth; androgenic - develop the sexual characteristics of a man. Today we often talk about the serious danger of AAS. Of course, like any medication, steroids have a number of negative effects. However, they appear only when the rules for their use are violated. If ...Read more