The safest steroid

Steroids are drugs based on testosterone or its derivatives. They have two types of activity:

  • anabolic – promotes muscle growth;
  • androgenic – develop the sexual characteristics of a man.

Today we often talk about the serious danger of AAS. Of course, like any medication, steroids have a number of negative effects. However, they appear only when the rules for their use are violated. If the course was drawn up correctly, then health problems are guaranteed not to arise.

Thus, one important conclusion can be drawn – the safest steroid is a drug with the minimum set of potential side effects. Sports pharmacology experts classify all AAS into two groups;

  • soft;
  • heavy.

The main criteria here are the level of safety of the anabolic, as well as the degree of its effectiveness.

Safe reception of AAS

Beginner athletes should remember several principles for the safe use of anabolic steroids:

  • The more effective the drug, the more potential side effects it has. All of them will manifest themselves in violation of the use of this AAS.
  • All drugs in this group have androgenic type activity, but its indicator can differ significantly.
  • Injectable anabolic steroids are considered safer compared to pills, since they do not have hepatotoxicity.
  • Exceeding the recommended dosages and an unreasonable increase in the duration of the course leads to an increase in the risks of developing side effects.
  • Several short courses with light AAS, carried out competently, will be more effective than one powerful one.

The safest anabolics

The safest steroids on this list are ranked from easiest to most potent. We can safely say about them that these are the best steroids.


It is Oksana that is the safest anabolic. However, it can be very effective if you follow all the recommendations. Among the main positive qualities of Anavar are:

  • Strong fat burning properties.
  • When used together with other AAS, it allows you to gain dry mass.
  • Virtually no effect on liver performance. As a reminder, all oral steroids are hepatotoxic to some degree. Oksana among them has the highest level of security.
  • The drug metabolites are quickly disposed of after its withdrawal.


On the market you can find a tablet and an injectable version of this steroid. In sports, stanaza is used to build relief muscles. Among the positive effects of this drug are:

  • Powerful fat burner.
  • Allows you to quickly increase strength potential and endurance.
  • Accelerates the processes of liquid utilization in the body.


This steroid is also used primarily to create good muscle definition. However, unlike Anavar and Stanozolol, prima more actively stimulates the processes of muscle tissue hypertrophy. The positive qualities of this AAS are:

  • Not able to interact with the aromatase enzyme.
  • Allows you to gain dry mass.
  • Effective in terms of increasing power potential.


This drug is often used by novice athletes for the first anabolic course as an alternative to Methandienone. Let’s note the main advantages of this AAS:

  • Allows to gain only dry mass.
  • Increases strength potential and endurance.
  • Extremely weakly aromatized.


According to many experts in the field of sports farm, Boldenone is one of the best mass-gaining AAS. It is inferior in effect to some steroids, but at the same time it has a high level of safety. The main positive properties of the drug:

  • Designed for dry mass gain.
  • Significantly speeds up protein production processes.
  • Stimulates the activity of the hematopoietic system.

How to combine steroids, growth hormone and peptides

There are a lot of options for great combinations of anabolic drugs. So for gaining muscle mass, athletes often use the Boldenone- GenoPharm Somatropin bundle. Long Testosterones can be used instead of bold. For example, Enanthate or Sustanon. If you need to conduct an excellent drying course, then you can recommend a bunch of Winstrol- Hygetropin .

Excellent results can also be obtained by combining growth hormones with peptides. Jintropin-GHRP-6-CJC-1295 can be a good bulking binder . If a course of drying is required, then combinations of growth hormone with peptides can help. The most powerful link in this case is Ansomone-HGH Frag (176-191) .

In order to compose competent combined courses, athletes will have to understand well the features of anabolic drugs. Today, athletes are practically not interested in the question – which is better growth hormone or steroids? This is due to the fact that the combination of various types of sports farms allows you to achieve the maximum possible result with minimal health risks.

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