Nowadays, it is quite easy to buy steroids, however, most online stores, due to certain nuances and reasons, send goods only with a prepayment. Indeed, there are many authentic stores that send goods without any problems after paying for it, but there are also not well-wishers who see the prospect in deception and profit from it. We understand each of our clients who are trying to protect themselves from fraud. For all this, we have created this section, which will list the basic guarantees of our store that you will actually receive your goods.


Everyone’s trust

So, the first thing to start with is our position in the search engine. Any of the stores is trying to win the trust of the client, this is an important aspect of entrepreneurship, because if you were useful to a person, he in turn will turn to you again, respectively, the results are mutual. Surely, you found us on the first page of Google in the forefront, this means that we have been working for more than a year, and due to the fact that the search engine does not allow young sites to take the first places. Another aspect is site promotion, which requires a fairly large investment on an ongoing basis, as well as a large number of people visiting the site. As a result, the more people visit the site, the more authoritative we become. But if the top sites deceived people, they would not be in the top – such is the pattern. Imagine a market in your city, at the entrance of which there is a table with all the goods that you are interested in and with the lowest prices in the entire market, I do not think that you will go far. Now ask yourself, how much will it cost to rent that table ?! In the case of an online store, everything is much more complicated, except for investments, you need to spend a lot of time and labor. Therefore, we are not interested in instant profit, we earn from the number of sales on a long-term basis in order to remain at the same level that we are maintaining now.


Availability and assortment, everyone will receive what they ordered

A safe online store always takes a photo of the product against the background of its logo, in most cases the proposed product on the site’s showcase is available, but sometimes due to certain circumstances, the product will be quickly consumed, in which case if a person ordered the item that is out of stock, we discuss it is in the telephone mode and is replaced with a similar drug.


Quality and shelf life

We also have close ties with manufacturing plants, and we guarantee you only high-quality products from the best brands with a shelf life of two years.


Anti-counterfeiting system

We do not have fakes, each manufacturer provides its own product safety system, each position has a unique code, which can be found on the manufacturer’s official website without any problems.


Fast shipping

Fast delivery is also considered a guarantee of trust. In our store, delivery times for USA are 1 day, to more distant points of the country, delivery times vary in the region of two days.


Detailed consultation

Each of our sales consultants has many years of experience in taking steroids and has valuable information that is always ready to share. You can be sure that after the purchase, we will provide you with highly qualified information on the preparation of a course of steroids and nutrition in general.